Tropical Shorts Styled 3 Ways


Happy Friday! Woohoo, it’s the WEEKEND!!! I don’t know about you guys but I’m so excited for the weekend. I feel like I haven’t seen my husband all week because we have been running different directions; so it will be nice to spend some time with him. We normally see each other pretty often compared to some couples and so I think its good for us to miss each each other some. You know what I mean? No? Okay, maybe that’s just me.  Anyway…I digress. We are talking about these shorts today .

Zara tropical shorts

I came across these high waisted shorts when I was shopping at ZARA the other day. I thought the color combo was so pretty and I knew there were a few tops already in my closet that I could pair them with. Personally speaking, when I make a wardrobe purchase I have to think about multiple ways to wear the item I’m considering buying, because…BUDGET! Wouldn’t it be nice to go on a shopping spree and the word budget not exist? HA!

When I first picked up the shorts I immediately envisioned what top would look good with them. I looked around the store and didn’t see what I was picturing in my head. (Side note: Y’all, I do this all the time to myself.) Then I remembered…BUDGET. So, I quickly thought of three things I already own that I could wear with them. When you are shopping on a BUDGET like me, I think abiding by the rule of 3 is the way to go. (I’m prettttyyyyy sure I made this up, but it works for me.) Can I wear this item AT LEAST 3 different ways and can I wear it to AT LEAST 3 different occasions/places? For instance with these shorts, I thought of the 3 different ways to style them, then 3 different places I could wear them:  casually to run errands, dressed up to go out and they were long enough to wear to church.

zara shorts with b&w striped shirt

I thought a black and white vertical striped shirt would be so cute with the shorts but I couldn’t find one in the store so I just stuck with what I had in my closet.

P1050241 (3)

P1050279 cropped

This black tie front shirt (old) looks super cute with the shorts and animal print shoes always add fun to any outfit. You can find a similar shirt, here and here and similar shoes here.

I also had this blue and white striped scalloped top in my closet that I thought would look cute and casual with it. You can find something similar here and here. I picked up the flat sandals at Target last weekend.

zara short with blue and white striped sleeveless top



The 3rd way I styled these must have shorts is with this SUPER soft yellow tee I had in my closet. The t-shirt comes in so many colors. Do yourself a favor and get at least one. You will want to wear it DAILY it’s so soft! I paired it with the tan wedges everyone is wearing. They really are comfortable and I’m a baby when it comes to uncomfortable shoes.

zara short with yellow tshirt



It was such a pretty day taking these photos but the sun was bright and HOT! I hope you guys like the outfits. You really could wear these shorts so many ways!

I hope you all have a fun and relaxing weekend!!!

Disclaimer: The shorts are not lined so they are a bit see through. I plan to have my seamstress line mine, but you could wear nude undies with them and be okay.


Woven and Textured Bags Under $150

I don’t know about you, but I’m loving all the woven and textured bags for spring and summer. The trend adds just the right amount of fun to any outfit. Whether it’s a neutral straw bag or a colorful beaded one, it can be the pop you need liven up your #OOTD. As with all trends, they come and go, and come again; as been proven by fashion through the decades. Personally, I can’t spend A ton of money (a/k/a very little) on trendy items. That’s why I rounded up some budget friendly, beautiful woven and textured bags for your spring and summer wardrobe. Hint: ZARA has several very cute affordable options. Check them out and HAPPY MONDAY!

Straw and Textured Purse Image 1


Straw and Textured Purse Image 2



My birthday is this weekend so of course I’ve been doing some online shopping. You can’t feel guilty about treating yourself on your birthday, RIGHT!?! I found this red striped top and immediately thought it was cute and perfect for those chilly spring days and nights. I also love that it can be worn so many different ways. Below are a few ideas on how to style a red top.

white pants

Top / Pants / Sandals / Bag

I love this look  with the white pants for a casual day at work or for lunch on a Saturday.

pink pants

Top / Pants / Sandals / Bag

You have to love color to love this look, and I LOVE color. People are so afraid to mix red and pink but it looks so good together. Click here for some more pink and red inspiration from Pinterest.

black shorts

Top / Shorts / Sandals / Bag / Earrings

This look with the black shorts is perfect for a night out with your girlfriends or a date night with your significant other. The earrings pop with the red shirt and could be worn with any of the looks above.

If I can leave you with one tip, its this: Don’t be afraid to mix colors. You will be surprised on how mixing colors brings a lot more interest to your outfit. Happy Wednesday!


Palm Print Dress

It’s almost Spring and I am so excited for the warmer weather! This dress from Anthropologie screams warm weather with the palm print. I’ve paired it with a few different items to take it from day to night and even added a look for vacation. I’m ordering this dress and can’t wait to wear it!

Day Look:

anthropologie foliage dress day look

1. Dress: Anthropologie   2. Jacket: Nordstrom 

3. Shoes: Anthropologie  4. Earrings: JCrew

Night Look:

anthropologie foliage dress night look

1. Dress: Anthropologie  2. Jacket: Nordstrom  3. Shoes: Nordstrom  4. Earrings: JCrew

Vacation Look:

anthropologie foliage dress vacation look1. Dress: Anthropologie  2. Hat: Nordstrom  3. Shoes: Nordstrom