Eyelet Romper



Good morning friends! I found this romperΒ at Anthropologie last week and fell in love with it. It is super comfortable and super cute, which I believe are the must have C’s when buying new clothes. There’s also your A’s, affordable and amazing; and your B’s, beautiful and beautiful. Oh and don’t forget your D’s, delightful and dannnngggg that’s cute, in my best Tiffany Haddish voice. “She ready!”

…I didn’t sleep well last night you guys.

Okay, I’m better! I got my coffee flowing. Please disregard anything I say before I have my coffee.




That last one is probably slightly true for me. Except it forgot to add mid-morning snack breaks. HA! Back to the super cute, super comfortable romper.

When I bought the romper I was with my sister-in-law and she made the statement that a lot of my girlfriends make when I’m shopping with them and I point out a cute romper. She said, “I can’t do rompers because they never look right on me.” I think the biggest reason people feel that way is because they haven’t found the right fit. Personally, I have a very long waist so that can sometimes be a problem when buying “onesie” anything. It’s all about the fit you guys, which brings us to F. I know we skipped E. (I can’t really think of anything right now.) Seriously, if you are questioning the fit before you buy it, it’s going to hang in your closet and never come out. Do you want to hurt it’s feelings like that? I didn’t think so.



What I do love about this romper (besides the fact that it is freaking CUTE) is the fit. It’s roomy up top and still fits great on women who are less blessed in that area like me; And it will also fit great if you are Dolly Parton. Who doesn’t love Dolly?



I found a few other super cute rompers for different shapes and sizes. Check them out to see if anything strikes your fancy.

Romper Image 1


Romper Image 2


Romper Image 3


Romper Image 4


Oh yeah…I thought of “E.” Add a little something to your outfit that says “EXTRA.”

Hope y’all are having a great day or at least better than the one I’m obviously having! πŸ˜‰


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